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Turbocharge your design program

Enrich your existing educational program with Uxcel's interactive and gamified learning platform.

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The comprehensive, bite-sized and easy-to-use UX/UI courses. We've been using it for months with our Bootcamp students and the results are amazing. With Uxcel's skill test, we are able to get a thorough understanding of our students' strengths and areas for improvement, which allows us to better guide our students throughout their UX journeys.

Christian San Jose
Founder & CEO,
UX+ University

Why teach with Uxcel

Give your students a modern design learning tool that guarantees to help them learn faster and retain information for longer.


Interactive & engaging

Learning should be a delightful experience. As an educator, it's critical to offer the best learning solutions to keep students engaged and on track.


Full of amazing content

Offer your students 100's of amazing lessons covering the complete range of UX/UI design topics.


Proven learning method

People play a lot of games, like, a lot! Give your students an interactive and gamified learning experience that feels familiar!

Massive learning library

Powerful design learning tools

Give your students access to over 12 courses (and growing), learning challenges, eye-training games, and skill tests that will help them build solid design skills.

Realtime reporting and feedback

Visualize how your students are performing in real-time as well as with a weekly report. See who is standing out and who needs some extra help!

Realtime student reporting and feedback
"My students love that I've incorporated Uxcel into the learning program."
Panida Karlsson
Founder & CEO at UX Skill
Made to fit your curriculum

Made to fit your curriculum

Think of Uxcel as a learning companion to complement your design program. Rest assured that your students will practice their design learnings even when school is not in session.


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Am I able to change seats if I have to add or drop students?
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