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What Uxcel Hire offers

Top job opportunities

Verified design talent

Let us know your ambitions, and we'll match you with top design companies around the world. Remote, onsite, full-time, or contract — we've got you covered.

Career growth

Career growth

Grow your design career by getting matched with job opportunities that fit your desires. Furthermore, you'll receive valuable feedback every step of the way.

Top-tier community

Top-tier community

Join the elite designer network. Becoming Uxcel Verified means you’ll never need to worry about finding your next job.

Showcase your professional design profile

Your portfolio is only one piece of your design profile. Build a comprehensive profile that's truly representative of your overall design talent and skills.

Showcase your complete professional design profile
Get matched based on your strenghts and carreer goals

Find the perfect match based on your career goals

Once you go through the Uxcel Verified process, you let us know your dreams, desires, and ambitions. We will work to find the perfect position for every step of your design career.

Never worry about your next design job

Once you're part of Uxcel Verified, you're part of an exclusive community of top design talent. We'll help you move forward with your career by continuously helping you to secure your next role.

Never worry about your next job—we’ve got you covered

How to get Verified

Take skill assessment 💪
Earn a top score on the Verified assessment that proves your knowledge.
Submit CV & portfolio 🎨
Go through a comprehensive portfolio review by a team of seasoned UX/UI design experts.
Pass design interview 🙊

The final phase is a live interview designed to gauge professionalism, undestanding, and communication.

Get hired 💼
We’ll match you with relevant companies looking to hire the best design talent, anywhere.

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