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UX/UI Case Study for Inclusive Landing Page

We invite passionate Designers from the Uxcel Community to apply their skills, gain recognition, and win amazing prizes!

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in total prizes

$1,150 in cash prizes and $6,350 in other prizes

Submission open
Jun 5, 2024

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You must be a Uxcel Pro member to qualify for prizes

This Design Contest is an open online competition for Uxcel Community members with a passion for product design.

Uxcel Design Contest is an exclusive online competition for Uxcel Community members with a passion for product design.
2nd place


1st place


3rd place


  • $100 for the 4th, and $50 for the 5th place
  • All top 5 winners will get Uxcel Merch box
  • The top 20 submissions will also receive a Uxcel Gift Card to share with friends & family

To qualify for rewards , you must meet the following criteria

To submit your entry , you need to meet the following criteria

Be an active Pro Member

At each stage of the contest, only submissions from active Uxcel Pro members will be accepted and qualified.

Review at least 2 contest entries

Help fellow Uxcel members improve their work by providing constructive feedback on other submissions.

Respect the rules

To keep the contest fair, we will disqualify any entries that don’t comply with the rules.

Here’s what you need to create:

Contest task
Create a landing page that celebrates Pride Month and shows your company's dedication to diversity and inclusivity. Present your work as a case study with supporting insight and research. Learn more ->
  • Can be designed for any platform
  • With any tool of your choice
  • High-fidelity designs
  • Static, animated, or live prototypes

Follow these steps to nail your submission

With just 1-2 hours per day, you can create an award-winning project!
Day 1
Choose a focus for your inclusive landing page. You can create your own brand our design a page for an existing company.
☝️Tip: Join the contest Discord group to discuss potential challenges or if you will have any questions and the contest.
Day 2
Plan your case study. Start by outlining who your page is for, how they will use it, and what is the primary problem you are planning to solve for.
Day 3
Perform competitor analysis. How do other brands solve this problem? What could be improved upon?
☝️Tip: When preparing your submission, outline and describe each step you took, along with the reasoning behind your decisions.
Day 4
Time to design. Use the tool of your choice to create your landing page and develop a UX/UI case study that thoroughly explains your design process.
☝️Tip: Use a case study template that we prepared specifically for this contest.
🔥️Bonus points: Share your contest work process with the world via TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and tag Uxcel!
Day 5
Submit your work. Make sure to provide all the supporting artefacts so you can showcase your submission at its best.
🏆 Extra credit:  Make your project submission interactive or include a video of you guiding the reviewers through the steps.
Submission checklist
  • Name your submission
  • Include a submission description
  • Prepare a cover image & creatives
  • Submit & review work of others

Contest Timeline

Jun 5

Contest start

Review the contest task and start working on your solution.
Jun 5-29

Community voting

From Jun 5 till Jun 29, 2024 all submissions will be open to community voting.
Jun 30

Submissions deadline

The latest time to submit your entry. Make sure to follow all the tips & qualify to earn prizes.
Jul 1-7


The Uxcel team & Uxcel mentors will score all the entries and pre-qualify 30 of the best ones.
Jul 8-13

Final judging

At this last stage, we’ll merge pre-qualification results with the votes from the community for the final results.
Jul 14


Winners will be announced & all the prizes distributed.
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Compete with top designers worldwide and win prizes!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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