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Available on any device anywhere in the world, Uxcel is the best way to improve and learn UX/UI design online in just 5 minutes per day.

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5 minutes of practice per day is all it takes improve your UX/UI design skills. Our learning experience is simple, fun, and focused.

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Jump start your career, land that new promotion, or simply learn new UX/UI design skills. Uxcel offers 100s of lessons that will improve your professional career.

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Build your UX/UI design foundations

Created for anyone interested in design, the UX/UI Design Foundations course is an absolute must. Our course has helped students, designers, and developers learn the necessary skills to succeed in the tech industry.


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UX/UI design is a complex discipline with many terms, properties, and best practices. Uxcel is committed to helping anyone learn to communicate more effectively and work more efficiently.

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Uxcel helps you to learn & understand UX/UI design techniques in an incredibly easy and beautiful way. It’s simple, just two options to choose from. You really learn while playing!

Victor, Product Designer

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Uxcel helps me with further understand both UX and UI. It covers all the basics and points me in the right direction for further research. Definitely a must have app for anyone working in technology!

Saskia, UX Designer

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I wanted a place to learn UX/UI basics, but everything I found online wasn’t helping. Someone at my design internship said to try Uxcel and I was immediately hooked. My only regret is not finding it sooner!

Fatimah, Student

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Uxcel is the best way to quickly find resources for my work in UI/UX design and web development! Practice your UI/UX skills in a low stress and gamified way and you learn so much. It’s like having a pocket-sized manual for UI/UX!

Maureen, Web developer

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As a designer, Uxcel helps me to relax and keep practicing design concepts that I don’t use daily. It even helps me to challenge devs to learn more about design. Huge fan of this product!

Patrícia, UX/UI Designer

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Uxcel helps me to improve my UX/UI design skills while on-the-go. I would choose Uxcel’s learning experience over reading a 100 page paper any day. Kudos!

Rohit, Developer