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Best for students and practicing professionals who want to improve their design skills.

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What is the difference between the Basic and Pro plans?
Why should I upgrade to Uxcel Pro?
How often does Uxcel release new courses?
Can I cancel my subscription?
Can I use Uxcel even if I’ve never designed before?
Does Uxcel work for children?

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Perfect for design teams, agencies, freelancers, or anyone working closely with user experience.

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Upskill your entire team at scale by adding Pro Seats to your team.
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Screen and hire better design candidates while saving time and money
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What’s included in Uxcel Teams?
How can Teams help my business?
What’s the minimum number of Pro Seats needed for a Teams account?
Can I access Uxcel Hiring with a Teams account?
Will I receive an invoice?
What are hiring credits? How do they work?

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We love our community!

The experience was mind-blowing when I first interacted with Uxcel. I have learnt a lot about simple and complex UI/UX topics, and they helped me train my eyes in order to see visual distractions.

Armin 🇦🇹

Uxcel has been great. The style of training is fantastic at improving subtle  skills that often experienced designers overlook. The challenges at the end of the sections are great, and having an explanation to further breakdown the learning makes Uxcel unique, special, and effective.

Shawn 🇺🇸
Product Designer

Uxcel is an awesome product! So far, I've been using it to inspire my team and underline the importance of attention to detail. Even our web-designer loves it as well! Thanks for showcasing the best of UX!

Nicolas 🇫🇷
Business Analyst

Uxcel has been a great tool for understanding UX/UI best practices. It is also a great resource and reference if you ever have any doubts or questions in regard to your UX projects.

Udie Chima
Ghazaleh 🇬🇧

Uxcel has helped me build up my confidence as I hope to enter the job market and polish up my skills.

Gabriela 🇺🇸
Graduate Student

Uxcel is simply awesome. I like their UI and the constant enhancements, and obviously I've learned a lot on it!

Carlos 🇪🇸
Senior Product Designer

Uxcel helps reinforce everything I have learned over the years. I constantly learn new things with the weekly challenges and keep my skills sharp. It is a great way to practice UI and UX in a very short amount of time.

Justin 🇺🇸
UX Designer

Uxcel provides excellent reminders and good tips in design. Uxcel has helped me to evolve and become a better UX/UI designer!

Elisabeth 🇫🇷
UX/UI Designer

I am loving Uxcel. Due to my interactive learning style, I have picked up the lessons quite easily. I recommend Uxcel to everyone — it's a highly addicting educational experience.

Aldo 🇿🇦
UX/UI Designer

Uxcel is so easy to understand. I immediately understood how to use it, and it has some gems of information and one of the best delivery experiences for online design learning!

Inbu 🇮🇩
Scrum Master

It's been really cool to put real use cases like visual examples of things instead of just theory. My eyes are learning through Uxcel.

Jennifer 🇺🇸

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