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Verify your design knowledge and get valuable insights on how to improve and advance your design career.

Interactive skill tests for the modern designer

Designers are truly complex, and there are a lot of skills that we should master throughout our career. Uxcel offers skill tests for every skill and discipline...

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Miroslav Kostic
Lead Product Designer
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One of the most important aspects of building a successful career is having benchmarks to help guide us. Our skill assessment will ensure you know where you stand compared to other designers worldwide.

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Watch as your skill graph comes to life after taking a skill assessment. Visualize your strengths and weaknesses, and know with pinpoint precision what design skills you should improve.

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It's hard to improve something until you've had a chance to measure it! Each time you take a skill assessment, you'll receive personalized learning recommendations guaranteed to help you improve.

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Users that score exceptionally well on the Verified Designer Skill Test are invited to join an exclusive network of top rated designers worldwide. You'll receive valuable career feedback and get matched with amazing job opportunities.

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I’m addicted to Uxcel!  I’ve started to spend longer times on the toilet because I’m doing exercises…I’ve even started riding in the gym instead of running so I can do exercises while I workout.
Ryan Augustine
Co-Founder at Study Space