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UX/UI Design skills assessment test

Evaluate your design skills and get valuable feedback to advance your design career.

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See how you compare

One of the most important aspects of building a successful career is having benchmarks to guide us. Our skill assessment will ensure you know where you stand compared to other designers worldwide.

Visualize your skillset

There’s nothing more powerful than seeing your skill set, and knowing exactly where you excel! Even more importantly, you'll know exactly which skills to improve.

Get recommendations

As Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Every time you take the Verified Assessment, you’ll receive customized learning recommendations that will help you improve!

Get noticed

Get noticed

After completing the test you’ll have the results of it as a unique page, which you can share, add to your portfolio, CV, or  Linkedin.

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Uxcel Verified Beta

Score exceptionally well on the skill test and you'll get invited to participate in the Uxcel Verified program. Designers in Uxcel Verified will have the option to get matched with some of the top companies from around the world.

Uxcel Verified Beta
How it works
Take skill assessment 💪
Earn a top score on the Verified assessment that proves your knowledge.
Submit portfolio review 🎨
Go through a comprehensive portfolio review by a team of seasoned UX/UI design experts.
Pass design interview 🙊
The final phase is a live interview designed to gauge professionalism, undestanding, and communication.
Get hired 💼
We’ll match you with relevant companies looking to hire the best design talent, anywhere.

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