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Uxcel Advocates are at the core of Uxcel’s global community movement.

Advocates help us in our effort of delivering accessible and effective UX education across the globe by constantly engaging, leading, and proactively running various community activities that help people connect and learn UX design better.

Uxcel Advocates are at the core of Uxcel’s global community movement.

Who are Uxcel advocates?

  • You love Uxcel and passionate about ongoing education
  • You’re a professional designer with at least 3 years of experience
  • You are a design leader or want to establish yourself as one
  • You sharing your knowledge with the next generation of designers
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Perks of being a community advocate


Active community

Our diverse community is build for designers, developers, PMs and anyone looking to grow their UX skill set.

165+ countries

Connect and share your knowledge with thousands of design & product professionals around the globe.

Quarterly catchups

Close engagement with Uxcel team & other advocates on quarterly online or offline events.

Private channel

Get access to a private Discord channel to share and learn best practices.

Host events

Host and officially represent Uxcel at local events (meet ups, workshops, conferences, etc.)

Lead local groups

Engage Uxcel members and other professionals in your region by creating and leading a local group.

Group discounts

Get your folks some sweet discounts on Pro membership, Uxcel UX Certification, and swag packages.


We award loyal advocates with awesome swag gifts, more engaged you are - the cooler swag you’ll get.

Gain recognition

Grow your personal brand and get recognised as a design leader within the global community.

Your activities as a community advocate

Share your expertise, passion and knowledge with a community of designers, developers, product managers and other product people.

Engage community

Communicate with Uxcel community on Discord on a weekly basis. Share your experience, hot topic, facilitate live connections, or just send good vibes to the folks!

Create tutorials

Get in front of 250K+ designers and product professionals by creating an actionable tutorial on the topic of your choice at least once per month.

Host events

As a Uxcel Advocate you’re committed to host and represent Uxcel at meet ups, workshops, hackathons and other event at least once per quarter.

Engage with a local group

Create an run a local group.As a group leader, you’re committed to keeping your group active.

Participate in live events

Get invited to special events run by Uxcel team on regular basis. We host various type of events, some of which can also include a paid collaboration.

Celebrate community progress

Share and praise achievements of community members on a regular basis. Inspire other by bringing highlight to active learners.

How do we promote our Advocates?

We’re actively engaging and recognising advocates who contribute to the community the most with extra support and opportunities from Uxcel.
one star


You are actively engaging with the community, sharing your expertise and knowledge, and participating in or organizing local events.
  • Get all the basic perks & support from Uxcel
  • Group discounts
2 stars

Expert Advocate

You have proven yourself as a loyal Uxcel advocate and are now invited to participate in live events and receive paid contributions.
  • Get Pro membership for life
  • Get Swag gift package
  • Promote your events and offer paid mentorships
3 stars

Leader Advocate

You are a long-term supporter of Uxcel, leading the community movement and proactively sharing your expertise.
  • Premium Swag
  • x2 group discounts
  • Get invited to judge competitions
  • Get stipend to run events
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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