UX challenges

Practice real-world design exercises

Apply your design learnings and build a world-class design portfolio while you train yourself in crucial design skills.

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Learn real-world skills

Practice design skills that you'll encounter working in a design-first organization.

Apply design theory

Turn your theory into practice and watch your new skills come to life with interactive challenges.

Build your portfolio

Add in-demand skills to your portfolio that recruiters and hiring managers actively seek.
real-world scenarios

Improve both your hard and soft skills

Designers should constantly improve their skills to excel in the workplace. Uxcel offers tons of interactive challenges for every skill set.

Improve both your hard and soft-skills
Complete tasks and build a world-class portfolio
build your portfolio

Complete tasks and build a world-class portfolio

Every challenge serves to build a specific skill set. Add completed challenges to your portfolio and watch it grow.

professional feedback

Like the UI Challenge, but only better

Every challenge gets reviewed by a professional design team, so you'll know exactly what completion criteria to improve for your challenge.

Like the UI Challenge, but only better
Higher engagement compared to other platforms with traditional learning methodologies.

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