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How UX design certifications Work

Prove your design knowledge by earning a Uxcel Design Certification. Our certification program tests your skills and your understanding of UX design principles. Uxcel offers certifications for the most popular designer roles, with more on the way. Show colleagues and hiring managers that you have the required skills to succeed in a design-first organization.

Uxcel Design Certifications are merit-based, meaning you must have a firm understanding of UX design competencies. To earn your Uxcel Design Certification, you must pass a multiple choice examination with a score of 85% or higher.

Currently, we offer a Level 1 certification for each designer role, but we’re currently working on both Level 2 and Level 3 (Master), which we aim to release in early 2023.

Benefits of UX Design Certifications

A UX design certification is a significant advantage when looking for your next design opportunity. Uxcel certifications follow strict industry standards and ensure that all certification holders understand core UX principles by role.

Individual benefits of design certifications

Invest in your UX career and show prospective clients, employers, managers, and colleagues your dedication to the UX field. Most importantly, show others that you are actively pursuing to improve your overall design knowledge.

  • Build your UX foundations. For those getting started, a UX design certification proves your mastery of design principles.
  • Refresh skills and learn new ones. Even if you’ve worked in the UX industry for decades, it is essential to update your skill set as technology and trends change.
  • Add new job credentials. Whether you’re looking for a new job or want a new promotion, adding a UX design certification to your CV/resume helps you stand out.
  • Transition into UX design. If you’re moving into UX, earning a UX design certification will give you an added stamp of approval.
  • Become a UX evangelist. Be an authority on UX design and stand out from your peers with a UX certification.
  • Demonstrate your self-improvement. Earning a UX certification shows your desire for continuous education and advancement.

Organization benefits of design certifications

The term “design-first organization” cannot be overstated enough.

Studies show that companies that adopt a design-first model show higher revenues, more loyal customers, and a better working team culture. Uxcel UX Design Certifications will give your team the necessary resources to make immediate improvements to the user experience, team culture, and your entire organization.

  • Speak the same language. Get your entire company on the same page and start using consistent designer terminology. This helps improve workflow and ensures that everyone at your company is committed to becoming a design-first organization.
  • Balance your team skill set. Uxcel offers a comprehensive team skill graph to view your team’s strengths and areas of improvement. Earning a UX design certification helps to solidify your team and ensures that you’re ready to meet any UX challenge.
  • Hire better and more efficiently. Know exactly what strengths you’re looking for in your next design hire, and have the tools necessary to benchmark future hires with your current team.
"Uxcel UX design certification has helped me prove to managers that I have the required skills to succeed on any design team!"

Types of UX Design Certifications

Uxcel offers UX design certifications for all the major designer roles at most design-first organizations. Some of the most popular UX design certifications are the Product Designer Certification, UX Designer Certification, UI Designer Certification, UX/UI Designer Certification, and UX Researcher Certification.

UX Design Certification Practice Tests

Gauge your basic knowledge of UX design, best practices, theory, and core concepts with the Uxcel Verified designer assessment. There is no fee for this assessment; anyone can use it to prepare for the certification tests, validate basic knowledge during job interviews, and much more.

When you take the Open Certified assessment, you’ll also receive learning recommendations on improving your chances of passing the certification assessment to ensure success.

Badges, Certifications, and Designatory Letters

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Every Uxcel Design Certification comes with a downloadable and shareable Certificate and badges.


When you pass the certification assessments, we’ll email you a downloadable badge and certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn, website, and social media profiles.

No Renewal Costs

Professional UX certifications are yours for life with no renewal costs. Once you earn them, you keep them! The certification, you will retain it, be listed on the Uxcel website, and remain there forever.

Certification Pricing

Level 1 Certification for any role is $150 per attempt.

Level 2 Certification for any role is $300 per attempt.

Level 3(Master) Certification for any role is $450 per attempt.

🔥 Uxcel Pro members receive a $50 discount for each certification.

verified designer assessment

Want to benchmark your UX skills for free?

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your UX/UI design skills and get learning recommendations based on your skill level. See how you measure up to other 40,000+ designers who took this test.


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