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Join us in our mission of democratizing global design education

Uxcel’s Instructors Program invites those eager to contribute to our mission of democratizing global design education through their unique storytelling, knowledge-sharing, and personal expression.

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Who can write for Uxcel?

Here’s what we look for in an exceptional Uxcel instructor:

  • You’re an expert in UI, UX, Product, and other digital design topics, with a wealth of knowledge to share
  • You find joy in breaking down complex topics, making them easily understandable for beginners
  • You're a compelling storyteller, able to engage and inspire learners with your narrative
  • You're passionate about passing on your expertise to the upcoming generation of designers
UX Designer career pathExpert, passionate, storyteller

Why publish on Uxcel?


Global Design Audience

Access a ready-made audience of over 300,000 designers globally. Share your insights without starting from scratch

Create Evergreen Content

Stop feeding short-lived content to social platforms. On our authoritative site, your work endures, continuously reaching a design-focused audience

Build Your Brand

Grow your creator profile within the design community by sharing your expertise globally

Reach Businesses

Position yourself in front of numerous companies seeking to enhance their teams' skills through Uxcel

Track Your Impact

Measure the reach and engagement of your educational content, and see the difference you're making

Supplement Your Income (Soon)

Soon, selected instructors will have the opportunity to earn through our revenue-sharing program by contributing tutorials or courses

What can you write?

Reach a global design audience with content that aligns with your goals.

Design Tutorials

Craft actionable, clear-cut tutorials on any digital design topic. Ideal for creators aiming to build their reputation and following within the design community.


Selected creators are invited to develop engaging, interactive courses on Uxcel, with the perk of receiving compensation and earning royalties. (Coming soon).

How do we recognize our instructors?

We’re committed to actively engaging with and rewarding instructors who make significant contributions to the Uxcel community with additional support and opportunities.

Special Badges on Uxcel Profile

Enhance your creator profile on Uxcel with distinctive badges. Create specialized tutorials to earn recognition as a thought leader. Tailor your profile to showcase your unique contributions and guide followers to your most valuable work.

Publish More, Gain More

The more tutorials you contribute, the more engagement you'll see. We'll boost your visibility by promoting your content. Standout tutorials may also be featured in our courses, bringing you even more recognition.

Qualify for Course Creation

Demonstrate your expertise and step up to become a course creator. Collaborate with our team to design compelling, interactive courses and amplify your influence within the community.
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Become Uxcel Instructor & publish your tutorials to a global audience of 300K+ designers

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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