Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire design team

Identify design knowledge gaps

Unlock the strengths, unique skills, and areas for improvement of every designer within your team.

Identify design knowledge gaps

Standardize your benchmarking

We benchmark design skills against 300K+ designers around the world across roles, regions, and years of experience. No one can beat our data.

Benchmark your designers with the industry

Give your team the competitive edge

Identify the top skills of your designers and assign them to the appropriate projects in order to maximize outputs.

Give your design team an unfair advantage

“We’ve been able to see the impact of introducing Uxcel to our team within 1 month. The most valuable for us is the Team Skill Graph! We benchmark our colleagues with other locations or with colleagues with more or less experience.”

Dries De Schepper
Lead Designer at Deloitte Digital
Customer story

Custom learning plans & assignments

Create personalized assignments tailored to the needs of your members. Uxcel enables you to visualize areas of improvement and assign tasks specifically designed to help them grow in those areas.

Tailor learning to your team’s needs

See how your team grows over time

Track adoption, engagement, and skill acquisition across each team member. See the impact of learning, assessments, and design challenges, and how they improved your team month over month.

See how your team grows over time
Uxcel made my role as a Design Lead way more accessible by providing the evaluation tools and guided upskilling my team needed. No other tool helped me understand each of my team members in detail and allowed me to mentor them as Uxcel does.
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Eliana Campos Del Valle
Design Lead @BGuayaquil
There aren't a lot of places to find great online education in UI/UX, and certainly not gamified as well as uxcel is! I love the platform and I intend on using it with my team.
Author photo
Jason R.
Creative Director & Owner
I was manually benchmarking the design team by creating my own skill charts in Figma. I no longer have to do that!

Uxcel allows design teams to learn and be engaged to improve their craft via gamified methods for better retention.
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Brittany Vick
UX & Product Design Lead at Roll20
I personally appreciate Uxcel's assessment approach, as it helps HR managers identify designers with little to no experience. Even if they lack relevant experience, they may have a solid knowledge of the design process, which is a valuable asset.
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Anna Jarco
HR Manager at Timebook Software Inc
It's very easy to use. Very user friendly.We use Uxcel in our agency when we hire a skilled designer. They have to assess a test in Uxcell then go through the courses and once done we decide which designer is a good fit in our team.
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David Kocsis
CEO - Guru Muscle & Wocapi
Skill Graph and diagrams are what I love the most about Uxcel. Literally all your and team member skill levels on a fingertip.
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Aleksandr Kondratenko
Lead Subject-Matter Expert
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higher course engagement rate that traditional course providers
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