Empowering the next generation of designers

We’re a deeply passionate team working from all over the world to build amazing tools to help designers build their careers.

The origins of the Uxcel story

In 2019, Gene Kamenez wanted to find a better way to teach design best practices to professional designers with little time to spare. He started posting animated exercises every day on Instagram, and the project grew into what we now call Uxcel.

Teaming up with longtime colleague Colin Pace, they set out to build a career-building platform that teaches, tests, and connects designers with companies looking to hire worldwide.

The Uxcel team spans the United States, Europe, and India and is 100% remote.

The origins of Uxcel
Join our mission to empower the growth of the global design community

What we value at Uxcel

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    Build fast and furious

    Getting product into the hands of our users is paramount to learning and improving.
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    Data-driven decision making

    Data is fundamental to making informed decisions, and we love to mix a bit of data, intuition, and user research when designing.
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    Continuous releases and updates

    We believe that constantly releasing product into the hands of users is the only path to success.
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    Empathy for all

    Being a great designer means deeply caring for users. We take that to the next level by applying it to all things Uxcel.
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    Iterate, iterate, iterate

    We never rest on our laurels — we're constantly improving our product, content, and company.
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    Acceptance and inclusivity

    From users to team members, we put acceptance and inclusivity above all else.
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    Design above all else

    We're on a mission to build designer careers, so design always comes first.
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    Be humble

    There's no room for ego. We believe that being humble, honest, and passionate is the best way to grow a great team and product.