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Build your UX skills with full course solutions

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“I’m addicted to Uxcel! I spend more time on the toilet now because I can’t stop learning.”
Ryan Augistine
Product Designer at Study Space
I want to congratulate the Uxcel team for creating such amazing courses. Learning with real cases and in a playful way suits perfectly for me.
Author photo
Randall Aguirre
Product Designer @ Designful
Uxcel is a great starting point, source of information, and community that allows me to further develop my skills and grow in the area of design.
Author photo
Nemanja Manojlovic
Full Stack Software Developer
So enthusiastic to share with you my latest achievements on Uxcel app so far! ❤️

Actually it's the best way to have fun studying and practicing GUI and UX 🔥
Author photo
Peter A'del
Sr. Product Designer at Vodafone
Love Uxcel! Such a fun platform to hone your design skills while having fun!
Author photo
Arturo Rago
Design / Learning / Storytelling @Canva
Uxcel is a great study platform, a lot of fun and it's still possible to test your knowledge in different categories.
Author photo
Jonathan Andrade
Senior UX UI Designer | FullStack Labs
For anyone interested in UI/UX design, Uxcel has a very enjoyable interface with bite size chunks of useful information. If you like learning on the go, it also works great on mobile devices.
Author photo
Peter Harmazinski
Lead Analyst at Cigna/Evernorth

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