Professional UX Certification Terms and Conditions

Last updated: June 1, 2024

1.1 Data retention. We retain records of your certification assessment attempts so that we can award UX Certification and validate your eligibility for advancement through certification levels. Unless you request deletion, this information will be retained indefinitely. If you want to delete your records, please contact us at To learn more about data handling procedures, refer to Uxcel's Privacy Policy.

1.2 Assessment results. To protect your privacy, we do not share your certification assessment results with anyone else but you. Your assessment results are emailed to you and recorded in your Uxcel account. Uxcel experts and employees have access to certification assessment information, including your results, to assist you with any technical problems or questions about UX Certification you might have.

1.3 Public visibility. Users who earned UX Certification will receive publicly visible certification badge and credentials on their public profile. The credentials include each individual's name, country, and a UX certification level and type earned. Log in to your profile at or contact us at if you want to update your name or country.

1.4 Payment & refund policy.  UX Certification assessment is included in the Pro Membership and falls into the same refund policy. If an issue occurred with the assessment due to a technical implementation on Uxcel's end (and it can be proved), send a request to

1.5 Certification expiration & renewal. Each Certification expires after 1 year, and would need to be renewed.
To maintain your certification, you need to either complete 4 courses every year OR retake the Certification each year.

1.6 Certification assessment attempts. You have one attempt to pass any certification assessment. If you wish to have another attempt, you will need to purchase the certification assessment again.

1.7 Code of Conduct. Uxcel's UX Certification assessments are designed by Uxcel experts to validate a candidate's knowledge required for a specific role and level. To ensure fairness and equal opportunities, all certification program participants are required to comply with the Code of Conduct.When taking the certification assessment, I am committed to:

  • Complete assessments without assistance from any other person
  • Refer only to my own knowledge and do not look up answers on the internet
  • Not save, copy, screenshot, or photograph any of the assessment questions or answer choices
  • Not share any of the assessment questions or answer choices with anyone
  • Not help anyone else answer assessment questions

1.8 Assessment answers. Answers to assessment questions are not revealed to anyone, even after the assessment has been completed. While the information might be helpful to those interested in learning more about certification assessments, we must maintain the integrity of certification assessments and ensure fair and equal access to accurate assessment tools. Hence, we limit the distribution of assessment content where possible.