How did you get started in UX design?

I started in graphic design which led me to web design and UI/UX. My journey with UI/UX started with seeing designs on Dribbble and trying to replicate them, I've been trying to learn as much as I can about UI/UX ever since.

What was the biggest challenge for you in learning design?

As a self-taught designer, I’ve always been pretty confident with the UI side of projects but didn't know much about the UX principles behind designs. Uxcel has been a huge help in breaking down that information and covering a wide range of topics.

What brought you to Uxcel?

I saw a post by Uxcel on Instagram and immediately checked it out. I tried the free UX design courses and really enjoyed them, they provided a lot of value, so I paid for the professional plan and have been using it on a regular basis in my free time to develop my design skills and knowledge.


What do you like most about Uxcel?

It's a great platform to access information on various topics and keep yourself updated. Lots of UX jobs are posted regularly, and the skills tests are a great little bonus that designers can use to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Any advice for those who are looking to improve their design skills?

Practice, practice, practice. Try and do something every day. It doesn't have to be too long. For 30 minutes a day, design a screen or replicate a design you've found on Dribbble. Observe how they use layout, colors, font size, and spacing. It will improve your design skills really quickly!