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Introducing Uxcel Go

The power of interactive UX learning is coming to your mobile phone very soon! Learn UX design, on the go!

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Once you’re in, you can climb to the top to win a free Pro membership, and raise your chances to win other amazing prizes! The more friends you invite – the higher the chances are that you’ll win!
* By entering the waitlist giveaway you agree with the honor code.
** Use your existing Uxcel account email, or if you don’t have one yet — your AppStore or Google Play account email that you will you to install the app.
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What can I win?


in Total Prizes

To celebrate our massive launch, we have prepared prizes worth $17,000 in total to reward over a hundred lucky winners!


Uxcel Pro Yearly Membership

Participants ranked from 1 to 50 on the waitlist will be rewarded with a free Uxcel Pro Yearly Membership. Invite your friends to join the waitlist, and get to the top of the waitlist!


Professional UX Certification

Anyone in the waitlist can win – the more friends you invite, the more entries you get, hence you have higher chances of winning a professional UX certification!

1 Grand Prize

MacBook Pro 🔥

One lucky designer will be rewarded with the latest MacBook Pro! For every friend you invite, you’re increasing your chances of winning the latest MacBook Pro!

How to join & win?

Step 1

Join with your email

This step is required for us to identify the winners. Make sure to sign up for the waitlist with the same email you have used for your Uxcel account.

Step 2

Spread the word

For every friend you invite, you will be rewarded with 1 point. Every point is considered as an additional entry, meaning that you’ll have higher chances to win one of our amazing rewards!

Step 3

Install the app

Once Uxcel Go is officially available for download, make sure to Install the app & complete at least 1 lesson. This step is required for us to draw and reward the winners.

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Once the app goes live*, each participant will receive an email with a link to install. 14-days after, we’ll check all the entries**, their scores, and announce the winners!
* We aim to launch the app both on App Store & Google Play Store by the end of August. You’ll be notified about the launch date in advance!
** Each participant will be thoroughly checked for the honesty of their entry. In case we detect fraud, you will be disqualified from the giveaway.

What is Uxcel Go?

Used by 210K+ users across the world, Uxcel now comes to your pocket, becoming the go-to platform to learn UX design skills on the go.
Learn UX design in just 5 minutes per day
Interactive UX design courses for
any role & level
Bite-sized learning to help you skill up fast
Earn industry recognized course certificates
Learn at your own pace & build a learning habit
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Learn UX design, on the go.
Join the waitlist and win big!

Join the waitlist

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