Cultivate design excellence as a Uxcel Expert

Lend your expertise to aspiring designers worldwide. Review projects, provide feedback, and help shape the next generation of UX talent.

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What it means to be a Uxcel Expert

Uxcel Experts are a select group of industry professionals committed to fostering growth and excellence of the design community through meaningful feedback, mentorship, and guidance.

Uxcel Advocates are at the core of Uxcel’s global community movement.

Who can become an Expert?

Experts are an exclusive, invite-only group of design professionals chosen for their skill and dedication to the craft of UX/UI design

  • Seasoned designers with a passion for continuous education
  • Professionals willing to review community projects and mentor the Uxcel community
  • Leaders eager to contribute to the evolution of UX design education
  • You're passionate about passing on your expertise to the upcoming generation of designers
Who can become an Expert?UX Designer career path

Why becoming Uxcel Expert?


Global Design Audience

Make an impact on over 300,000 designers globally. Share your expertise and gain recognition in the design community

Get a Special Badge

Stand out with a special badge on your Uxcel profile, distinguishing you as a leader in the community

Build Your Brand

Enhance your professional profile by sharing your expertise and inspiring others within the design community to excel

Earn Unique Awards

Receive distinctive awards as a top Expert based on the volume of reviews and the community's response to your contributions

Track Your Impact

Monitor the reach and engagement of your reviews to see the tangible impact you're making in the design world

Supplement Your Income (Soon)

Soon, select experts will be invited to conduct paid workshops and events, contributing to the Uxcel community and your income

What will I do as an Expert?


Critique and Guide

Provide insightful feedback on community projects, helping fellow designers refine their craft

Engage Weekly

Dive into the weekly selection of projects seeking your expert evaluation and insights

Pledge Your Expertise

Commit to contribute at least one insightful review each week, aiding the growth and skill development of Uxcel's design community
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Ready to Guide and Inspire?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What qualifications do I need to become an Uxcel Expert?
How much time do I need to commit?
Is there any compensation for being an Expert?
Can I apply if I'm not active in the Uxcel community?
How are Experts chosen?