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Hire the top 1% of the world’s best designers using Uxcel's Verified candidate pool.

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What Uxcel Hire offers

Verified design talent

Verified design talent

It's no joke when it comes to getting Uxcel Verified. Every candidate is rigorously vetted and must pass an adaptive screening assessment, comprehensive portfolio & CV review, and a design-oriented interview.

Uxel verified

Bias-free hiring

We measure and analyze our verified pool to ensure that every candidate is the perfect fit for your organization. We put data and design expertise at the forefront so that you can hire design talent with extreme confidence.

Uxel verified

Know what designers want — upfront

We take the guesswork out of knowing what your design candidates want. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll match you with the best design talent in less time.

The Uxcel Verified

Each designer must pass a rigorous application process to get to the Uxcel’s Verified talent pool. We test for 35+ design skills, validate portfolio and CV, and conduct an interview with design experts.


Join Uxcel Community 👋

Uxcel is open to designers across the world to apply for the verification process.
100% of users can apply

Design Skills Assessment 💪

Earn a top score on the Verified assessment that prove core design knowledge and best practices.
29% pass

CV & Portfolio review 🎨

Go through a comprehensive portfolio review by our team of seasoned UX/UI design experts.
17% pass

Design interview 🙊

The final phase is a design interview which measures professionalism, understanding, and communication.
5% pass
The Top 1%

The Top 1%

Hiring great designers is extremely difficult. Partner with Uxcel and hire the best global design talent, period.

Hire top designers

Hiring designers made easy

Tell us your needs 📃
First, complete a basic request to let us know the details of your hiring needs.
Partner with Talent Expert 🎨
We’ll connect you with a Talent Expert, which will work closely with you to understand your needs better.
Receive amazing candidates🌟

Within few business days, we’ll introduce you to Verified design talent. Receive the first match in less than 72 hours.

Hire the right fit, guaranteed 🦄
We stand behind our verified talent, so every hire is backed by a 6-month guarantee, ensuring you with the right fit for your organization.

Hiring design talent has never been easier.

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