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How Uxcel Hire Works


Book a call & tell us your needs

Connect with us and explain who you need to hire and how quickly for every role.


Connect with dedicated Talent Manager

We’ll connect you with a dedicated talent manager and deeply study your needs. We strategize the search, screen & interview candidates, and keep you informed on every stage of the process.


Interview only qualified designers

Within few business days, we match you with a designer. Put them through your interview process to make sure they fit perfectly.


Hire with complete confidence

If you’re not satisfied with your designer, we’ll match you with a new one — for free.


Data-Driven Matching


Verified by Experts


Hire 2x Faster

“All matched candidates are exactly what we need and it’s going to be really hard to make a decision.”
Ignacio Nicolas Aguirre
Project Lead at Rehabilitation Enables Dreams
Speak with vetted and qualified candidates

Interview only Verified candidates

You're busy and don't have a second to waste. Our hiring process ensures that every designer you speak with will meet and exceed your expectations.

Hire for in-demand design skills

Verified designers complete a series of interactive design skill tests to measure their strengths and demonstrate knowledge and experience.

Hire for tested real-world design skills
Expert-led vetting process

Silicon Valley verification process

We’ve created a unique process that helps us ensure that the designer is qualified. Only ~5% of applicants pass through the Verified Designer process. Every candidate you meet, passed this 3-step vetting:

  • Skill Tests & Assessments
  • CV & Portolfio Review
  • Design Interview

You’ll get so much more than just an email

Uxcel profile contains designer oriented info that will help you understand the candidate much better.

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Hire remote designers from our global talent pool of 90K+ designers

Uxcel is an active community of designers looking to test, learn, and measure their design skills. Uxcel is 100% focused on UX/UI design, and as a result, we can find you a better designer faster.

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We study your needs, deeply.
Meet your dedicated talent manager.


Remi Jay

Tech Recruiter with 5+ years of experience.
"I love everything about design"

Recruited for:
Netflix, Lufthansa, Memmo and more!

Solomiia Solomka

Design Recruiter with 5+ years of experience.
"I draw inspiration from design."

Recruited for:
Belka Studio, Bachoo Studio

Hire an amazing remote designer. Risk-free!

We don’t require a payment upfront. We only get paid if you decide to hire. If the designer doesn't pass the 3-month probation period — we’ll provide a replacement for free!

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