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Uxcel helps your recruiting team source & hire top remote design talent faster with access to our global community of 180k+ design professionals. See how.

Post any design job

Post any design job

Get in front of 180K+ designers with a job board dedicated entirely for UX design talent.
Search & find the perfect fit

Search & find the perfect fit

Use advanced search filters to find the most relevant match for your role.
Save talent

Save talent

Build your own talent pool by saving all your favourite designers.
Post any design jobSearch & find the perfect fitSave talent

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Post full-time, part-time, contract, internship jobs — you choose.

Qualified UX talent

We feature designers who assess their skills with our industry-leading UX skill assessments.

Fits your workflow

Lead candidates to apply on your own job page or let them apply directly on Uxcel.

“I’ve been able to find many design candidates exactly matching our needs in a few days, and it was tough to make a decision. Let’s say it was a great problem to have.”

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Connect with quality candidates

Reach candidates with proven design skills and profiles that showcase what sets great designers apart.


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A powerful set of tools to help you find high-quality design talent and hire faster.

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Hire top-quality design talent faster and without limits.

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Active job postings
View candidate profiles
Candidate messaging
Manual profile sourcing
Advanced search filters
Save & manage talent pool
Seats management
Unlimited seat switching
API access for custom integrations
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Permissions control
Custom invoices
Live chat support
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