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Customer stories
“All matched design candidates are exactly what we need, and it was tough to make a decision. Let’s say it was a great problem to have.”
Ignacio Nicolas Aguirre
Project Lead at Rehabilitation Enables Dreams
Uxcel made my role as a Design Lead way more accessible by providing the evaluation tools and guided upskilling my team needed. No other tool helped me understand each of my team members in detail and allowed me to mentor them as Uxcel does.
Author photo
Eliana Campos Del Valle
Design Lead @BGuayaquil
I was manually benchmarking the design team by creating my own skill charts in Figma. I no longer have to do that!
Uxcel allows design teams to learn and be engaged to improve their craft via gamified methods for better retention.
Author photo
Brittany Vick
UX & Product Design Lead at Roll20
It's very easy to use. Very user friendly.We use Uxcel in our agency when we hire a skilled designer. They have to assess a test in Uxcell then go through the courses and once done we decide which designer is a good fit in our team.
Author photo
David Kocsis
CEO - Guru Muscle & Wocapi
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