How much should you expect to make as a Motion Designer in the USA? We gathered our information through anonymous submissions from our global community of over 300,000 designers. Based on this data, Motion Designers who work in the United States make an average of $65,000 every year, ranging from about $35,000 to approximately $120,000.

Let’s break down our findings on average Motion Designer's salaries by experience.

Entry-level Motion Designer salary in the USA

Entry-level Motion Designers are those who are just starting out and have no professional experience in the design industry. They may be recent university graduates or people who have decided to shift careers. If this description of entry-level Motion Designers matches you and you work in the USA, you can expect to make an average of $35,000 per year.

Junior Motion Designer salary in the USA

Junior Motion Designers usually have 1 to 3 years of experience in the field. They are still getting to know the industry, but they can already work in a team setting and produce very valuable work. In the USA, junior Motion Designers usually make about $72,500 per year.

Mid-level Motion Designer salary the USA

Mid-level Motion Designers are those who have been working in the field for quite a few years (usually 3 to 8) and have gained significant experience. They are proficient in their craft and tend to produce higher-quality work than junior Motion Designers. If this description of mid-level Motion Designers matches you and you work in the USA you can expect to make an average of $80,000 per year.

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Senior Motion Designer salary in the USA

If you are a senior Motion Designer, it generally means that you have upwards of 8 years of experience in your field. By now, you have become proficient in what you do and can often produce the highest-quality work in the shortest time. If you are looking to work as a senior Motion Designer in the USA, you should be aiming for jobs offering around $110,000 per year.

What Do Motion Designers Do?

Motion designers are graphic designers that use animation, audio, and visual effects to make graphics move. Moving objects are often used in apps, games, advertisements, TV, and films to attract attention and connect with the audience.

The most common motion designer responsibilities include:

  • Creating, revising, and updating animations and motion content for social media, campaigns, and product UI overviews
  • Collaborating with other motion and graphic designers to finalize ideas and work scope
  • Communicating with cross-functional teams (marketing, engineering, and UX) to match technical standards and product vision

Skills to Increase Motion Designer Salaries

Motion design is a rapidly developing industry that requires motion designers to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and tools. Designers can strengthen their current skills in motion design by taking courses, participating in design competitions, and networking.

  • Team working and communication skills, as well as critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, openness to feedback, and effective time management. Storytelling is especially important, as it allows you to properly convey meanings and emotions. Test your skills with Uxcel's Core Qualities assessment and see how you measure up to other designers worldwide.
  • Understanding of the theories behind motion and animation, which are crucial to delivering an impeccable product. Take Uxcel's Animation Theory & Motion lesson to learn more about animations, or study the 12 Principles of Motion Design.
  • Solid knowledge of the core principles of visual design, which will allow you to perfect the look of your animations. Test your skills with Uxcel's Principles of Design skill test and see how you measure up to other designers worldwide.
  • Color theory and color psychology, which are necessary components of proper composition. If used correctly, they can guide users’ eyes and establish a hierarchy. Test your skills with Uxcel's Color skill test and see how you measure up against other designers worldwide.
  • Typography, which will help you create compositions that please the eye and give the right importance to all information. Test your skills with Uxcel's Typography skill test and see how you measure up against other designers worldwide.
  • 3D design and CAD can also be a plus depending on the projects you're taking on. Take Uxcel's 3D Design Foundations course to learn how to plan, design, and render a three-dimensional composition.

Career Paths for Motion Designers

Designer career path

A motion designer job typically requires a bachelor's degree in computer graphics, art, or any other related field, along with a portfolio. You can start your career path by applying to internships, volunteering your service to non-profit or college organizations, or helping out at a relative's or friend's business.

Even if you move to motion design from another industry, you're more likely to find a job as a motion designer if you practice a lot and build up your portfolio.

As their skills grow, motion designers can be promoted to the position of art director or transition to the role of graphic designer, web designer, or UI designer.