25 Jul, 2023 at 19:00 CET

Webinar: Developing individual designers and teams, from junior to senior

Fitting learning in a designer's busy schedule shouldn’t feel like rocket science. Together, we’re going to show you tips and tricks for skill development - how you as a designer can upskill yourself from junior to senior, as well as how to develop a team of designers across all levels.
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What are we going to cover

On this webinar, we’re going to go through specific tips, tricks, and strategies for skill development. Dries – Lead UI Designer @ Deloitte Digital is going to share his path to becoming Design Lead, and how he develops a team of 16+ designers, from junior to senior level. Topics we are going to cover include:

  • Climbing the career ladder from junior to Design Lead
  • Fitting learning in a busy schedule
  • Implementing continuous learning to a 16+ designer team
  • Strategies, tips, tricks, and tools to keep track of individual designer’s progress

Who are our speakers

This webinar will be hosted by Colin Pace, Co-founder & CPO at Uxcel, together with Dries De Schepper, Lead UI Designer @ Deloitte Digital.

Dries De Schepper
Dries is a designer from Belgium, currently based in Brussels and working at Deloitte Digital, as Lead UI Designer, with 8 years of experience working in eCommerce and Financial Services industries. While his main focus as the UI Lead lies in the visual aspects, he also ensures that his team stays up-to-date with industry-standard tools, and following the latest design trends.
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Colin Pace
Colin has worked as both a Product Designer and Product Manager for the past 12 years of his technology career. Colin's career has been split between working in early-stage startups and enterprise companies, with a focus on fintech. His expertise lies in solving complex problems, building highly effective teams, and bridging the gap between business and design.
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