Are you a UX designer looking to showcase your skills and see where you rank among the top designers in the community? Uxcel is proud to announce the launch of its Designer Rankings, an initiative designed to recognize and promote individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to skill-building and high performance in their field.

Out of 210,000 designers across different roles, only around 300 have earned the recognition of being listed in the Uxcel Designer Rankings. These designers have been evaluated based on a range of factors, including their knowledge, experience, and dedication to their craft.

The goal of Uxcel's Designer Rankings is to encourage excellence in the field of UX design and provide a platform for top performers to connect with each other. By recognizing and promoting community members who have demonstrated exceptional skills, Uxcel hopes to inspire others to strive for excellence in their own work.

We're thrilled to announce that Jake Leenheers, Senior UX Designer at Computershare, has earned the top spot in the Designer Rankings and is our Designer of the Month. Congratulations, Jake, on your fantastic work! We hope that your success inspires others to reach for the top and make their mark in the UX design community.

If you're a UX designer looking to showcase your skills and connect with top performers in the field, head over to Uxcel's Designer Rankings to see where you stand and learn more about the criteria for recognition. With Uxcel, the sky's the limit for UX designers who are committed to excellence in their craft.