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The courses at Uxcel are created for the modern designer. We cover a wide range of subjects, and you always go at your own pace.

UX/UI Design Foundations

UX/UI Design Foundations

Introduce yourself to all the basics of UX/UI design. This is the most comprehensive intro course ever.

4 hours
20 lessons
Common UI Components

UI Components Best Practices

This course will teach you all the best practices for designing buttons, icons, pagination, and everything in between.

8 hours
51 lessons

Designing for Accessibility

In this course, we’ll cover all the definitions and best practices for making web applications accessible.

2 hours
16 lessons

Something for everyone

No matter where you are on your design journey, Uxcel offers impactful learning content for your role and discipline. Whether you're a designer, a developer, a QA, a product manager or a student, we have the right course just for you.

Courses for every discipline and skill level
We’ll point you in the right direction

We point you in the right direction

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly where to start. Take an assessment and we’ll let you know exactly which courses are right for your career.

Learn at your own pace

No missed deadlines or application dates here! Uxcel is tailored for the working professional who leads a busy life.

Learn at your own pace
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Earn a certificate of completion for each course you complete. Show your boss, colleagues, and teammates that you've learned new skills and have the certificate to prove it!

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Design is everywhere, so I'm always looking to find a way to improve my skills. Uxcel is one of the best places for it. You can get the skills you need to succeed in a design-centric world and start your design journey while build your UX/UI design experience with this best training app!

Rosana 🇲🇰
UX/UI Designer

Uxcel is the most UX-centric product ever developed to learn design. A gamified UX and the leaderboard engagement are what make Uxcel stand out. Plus, a fast and dynamic development stack with clean UI makes Uxcel a delightful experience to use.

Chaman 🇮🇳
Director of Product

Uxcel is just what I needed! Many sites teach UX, but they are general and not applied to specific digital products. Uxcel does just that. It focuses on digital products, and it is so practical because you learn at the detailed level instead of theory. It is very hands-on. I have shared it with many other friends and colleagues!

Ulises 🇲🇽
Innovation Consultant

As a self-taught UX designer, I built up my skills by searching for tips and tricks on Medium and Youtube. Although these online resources have helped me grow, the downside is it’s difficult to retrace my steps and review past lessons. Uxcel has become my one-stop-shop for learning. They have well-organized lesson plans, and everything I learn gets recorded. I would recommend this platform for anyone looking for a more organized approach to their learning path.

Udie Chima
Vlad 🇷🇴
UX Designer

One of the biggest challenges we face when learning is in ourselves. What we think we know and what we need to know. Uxcel is always pushing us -- the learning method is a constant challenge. Not punishing for mistakes, always giving us new chances, and valuing our successes. Even things that we have just learned, in seconds it can simply evaporate from our minds. By constantly reviewing complex subjects in a totally visual and practical way, you can take your professional design vision to another level with Uxcel.

Andre 🇧🇷
Innovation Consultant

I can't thank Uxcel enough for simplifying UI/UX design learning. Uxcel's approach has trained my eyes and improved my visual design precision as I can now spot inconsistencies in alignment, color, and typography in seconds. The lessons have been great, and the leaderboard puts the drive in the learning process. Thank you, Uxcel!

Orji 🇳🇬
UX/UI Designer

Uxcel is a great way to learn from anywhere at any time. Even if you just have a few minutes to spare, you can always learn something and, as a result, become a better designer. It helped me to become more confident using design vocab in everyday conversations.

Barbara 🇵🇱
UX Specialist

Uxcel is one of the most delightful learning experiences you will find online. After completing the UX/UI Design Foundations course, I feel well equipped to provide value as a designer to my startup. I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my skills as a designer. Thanks, Uxcel!

Keith 🇺🇸
Head of Customer Experience


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