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Designer screening

Hire the very best designers

Uxcel empowers your hiring team to identify the best candidates and makes your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.

Hire only the best designers

Hire with confidence

Design assessments are serious business. We analyze millions of data points and spend hours crafting every assessment question. We focus on design mastery to ensure you hire the best candidates.

Hire with more confidence
Assessments for multiple roles and disciplines
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Screening for every role

The design landscape is quickly changing and gone are the days of the standard UX/UI designer. We create assessments tailored for every role, including front-end developers.

1000s of questions

Our assessment tests are smart — like, really smart. They adapt to candidate performance and utilize our rich question library to generate a unique test every time.

Intelligent adaptive testing with thousands of questions
Customize your hiring test
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Custom flows & questions

Use our UI/UX design expertise question bank or create unique questions tailored to your organization's specific needs — or combine the two!

Get reports based on data, not bias

Every applicant is tested equally and without bias so you can hire the best talent.

Get fair reports based on data, not bias

Hire the best designers from the comfort of your office

Hiring assessments
per test
add-on to the team plan

Screen and hire better design candidates while saving time and money.

  • Easy invite process for candidates
  • Assessment report & analysis
  • Save your favorite candidates

Hire the very best designers