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Team Learning

Upskill your design team, faster!

Successful companies know the importance of UX/UI design. Great design creates better products, lower burn, and most importantly, happier customers.

Train your design team quickly & effectively

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Skill up at scale

Skill up at scale

Empower your team with the modern design skills they need to succeed in the real world. Teams that learn together grow together, resulting in delightful user experiences.

Premium design education

Research shows it's a lot cheaper to upskill your current team than it is to hire new candidates. Uxcel offers the best design learning tools and content to ensure that everyone on your team is improving together.

Premium design education for today’s working professional
Understand how to improve your team's skills

Test and understand

Uxcel's assessments and skill graphs help you zone in on your organization's areas of improvement.

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Visualize your team's overall skill set

As a manager and leader, it's crucial that you understand your team's overall skill set and identify which skills are missing based on industry standards.

Measure the impact of online training
Get your entire organization speaking the same language

Speak the same design language

Uxcel isn’t just for designers — learning UX/UI design is beneficial for any role. Understanding the basics of design language and principles helps team collaboration and communication. That means fewer mistakes and a lot less head-scratching.

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Create your own learning content

Use Uxcel’s educational tools to create your own courses, lessons, and playlists. Keep them private for your own team, or share them with the entire Uxcel community!

Create your own courses, lessons, and playlists
Hire real talent

Hire only the best talent

Talent is at the core of every organization. We help you screen the best design talent by effectively assessing the skills of potential candidates, faster.

Explore Designer Screening

How does Uxcel help assess and improve team skills?

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Perfect for design teams, agencies, freelancers, or anyone working closely with user experience.

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Give your team the design skills they need