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We help you source, match and hire remote UX design talent faster and cost-effectively with an active community of over 160K designers.

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Top design talent ready for a new challenge

Uxcel is a rapidly growing global community of 160K+ designers looking to test, learn, and improve their design skills. We’re 100% focused on remote UX design hiring.
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Only speak with qualified candidates

You're busy and don't have a second to waste. Our matching process ensures that every designer you speak with will meet and exceed your expectations.
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Only speak with qualified candidates
professional feedback
professional feedback

Hire for the in-demand skills you need most

We rigorously test and vet our design talent. Designers complete a series of interactive skill tests to measure their strengths and demonstrate knowledge and experience.
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White-Glove Service

You’ll have support every step of the way

Access a premium pool of design talent. We’ve created a unique process that helps us ensure that the designer is qualified. Less than 5% of applicants pass through the Uxcel Evaluation process.
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White-Glove Service
Customer stories
“All matched design candidates are exactly what we need, and it was tough to make a decision. Let’s say it was a great problem to have.”
Ignacio Nicolas Aguirre
Project Lead at Rehabilitation Enables Dreams


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