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Why Uxcel?

Uxcel helps you to learn & be aware UX/UI design techniques in an incredibly easy and beautiful way. You really learn while playing!

Victor 🇧🇷
Product Designer

I've loved using Uxcel! I feel that it's perfect to consolidate existing UX knowledge and further this knowledge. I am signed up to an online course, and Uxcel complements the lessons in a very effective way.

Amandine 🇬🇧

Uxcel helps me to improve my UX/UI design skills while on-the-go. I would choose Uxcel’s learning experience over reading a 100 page paper any day. Kudos!

Rohit 🇮🇳

As a self-taught UX designer, I built up my skills by searching for tips and tricks on Medium and Youtube. Although these online resources have helped me grow, the downside is it’s difficult to retrace my steps and review past lessons. Uxcel has become my one-stop-shop for learning. They have well-organized lesson plans, and everything I learn gets recorded. I would recommend this platform for anyone looking for a more organized approach to their learning path.

Udie Chima
Udie 🇺🇸
Product Designer

Uxcel is amazing! I’ve just started using it, but it’s already better than any design course I’ve ever taken. It feels like reading articles, but much easier, faster, and with game mechanics. Dark Mode Explained was especially enlightening.

Vova 🇺🇦
UI Designer

Uxcel helps me with further be aware UX and UI. It covers all the basics and points me in the right direction for further research. Definitely a must have app for anyone working in technology!

Saskia 🇳🇱
UX Designer

Uxcel is an amazing source of knowledge. It's really good to have learning paths, see your progress, and know that you can learn so much in just a few minutes per day. The voice, tone, and personality are also very friendly, making you want to come back and keep in touch with the platform.

Natasha 🇦🇷
UX/UI Designer

As a designer, Uxcel helps me to relax and keep practicing design concepts that I don’t use daily. It even helps me to challenge devs to learn more about design. Huge fan of this product!

Patrícia 🇵🇹
UX/UI Designer