Finding your first or next design job requires a lot of effort, time, and courage. Many applicants feel uncertain about where to start, how to present themselves in the best possible light, or how to convince recruiters that they are the right candidate. We recommend taking it one step at a time.

Learn how Uxcel Hire can help you get closer to your first job interview and land a dream job in 5 simple steps.

Create an account on Uxcel

Start small — go to and create your account for free. Enter your name, current role (or desired one), and mission on the Uxcel app. You can fill out these details at the very beginning or skip this part and get back to it later.

Fill out your profile

Before you dive into exploring the job board and reviewing job positions, we encourage you to buckle down and work on building your profile. Your task is to show potential employers your portfolio, education, prior experience, tools you’re an expert in, and design skills.

You can also take relevant courses and verify your knowledge with skill tests on Uxcel to provide more evidence of your qualifications. Uxcel offers courses that cover UX and UI design concepts that can be helpful for beginners and advanced designers alike.

The Verified Designer skill test should go first on your bucket list. It evaluates your knowledge from various fields, including user research, user experience, visual design, design process, and technical skills. Based on your performance, the Skill Graph illustrates your strongest skills and ones that need improvement.

If you take the test and score in the top 30% of other candidates, you can apply for the Verified Designer program and become a part of Uxcel’s exclusive pool of designers. This opportunity allows top designers to be matched with leading companies worldwide.

Your chances of getting accepted into the program are doubled if you record a short video intro that will be displayed on your profile. It's a perfect opportunity to pitch yourself, and seeing your face allows employers to get a feel of who you are.

Pro tip: Set your career preferences so that the job matching algorithm can help relevant companies find you faster.

Get matched with relevant job opportunities

Once you've completed your profile and career preferences, let Uxcel do the work. Our job matching algorithm will deliver job openings tailored to your job preferences and profile details, so you won't need to scroll through jobs that aren't relevant to you. The Uxcel job board gets weekly updates, to help you stay on top of new opportunities.

Use the Fast Apply feature

With the Fast Apply feature, you don't need to go through tedious application processes over and over again on external websites. Apply for jobs with your Uxcel profile and wait for companies to contact you directly if they find your Skill Graph, experience, qualifications, and portfolio samples suitable for their needs.

Start communicating with interested companies

If your skills and qualifications are the right fit for a company's objectives, the hiring manager will contact you and schedule an interview. Stay focused and start preparing for the interview — get ready to answer the most common interview questions, review your portfolio case studies, and practice your responses with a friend or a design colleague. Do a little research about the company's values and consider how you can impact their business and contribute to their product or service growth.

Looking for a new job can be stressful but it’s also an exciting experience. Uxcel Hire puts everything at your fingertips, so you don't have to navigate between multiple platforms to update your skills and portfolio, explore job opportunities, and apply for your dream job.