What is Uxcel?

Uxcel is a platform that helps anyone learn UX/UI design principles. We've developed a simple and intuitive method to help you learn faster while retaining the information for even longer.

Is it free?

Yes, Uxcel is definitely free but with some limitations, such as the speed in which you can complete the course. We do offer special pricing for students and it's always free for educators.

How does the Course work?

We've designed our Course to guide you through a design journey, starting with basic principles and building into more complex subjects and lessons. As you progress through levels, the lessons and practices get more difficult.

Will it help me learn UX/UI design?

There's no doubt that Uxcel will help you learn design. Currently Uxcel does not teach hands on lessons, as we like to think of ourselves as a complimentary tool to be used throughout to entire professional design career. What we will teach are the principles and best practices that every designer should know.

I'm an intermediate or advanced designer, so why should I try Uxcel?

Uxcel is fantastic for all levels, as these core concepts are often easily forgotten or glossed over. Furthermore, design is a rapidly changing and evolving discipline, so it's fundamental to always hone your skill by continuously learning.

I'm not a designer, does it work for other roles in the technology?

Uxcel has been tested on other roles, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We've worked with Product Managers, Developers, and QA Testers who all say that they're better at their job due to the learnings from Uxcel. You do not need to be a designer to understand design!