Exciting news for the academic world! 🎓 Uxcel proudly introduces Uxcel for Universities, a pioneering initiative tailored for education providers. This program bridges the crucial gap between academic study and real-world design work, offering students an interactive, industry-relevant learning experience.

With Uxcel for Universities, educators can now enrich their curriculum with over 20+ design courses and 100+ hands-on projects, all crafted by top industry experts. It's a comprehensive suite where gamified, habit-forming experiences meet robust, real-world application.

For students, this means access to a skill assessments platform to identify strengths and areas for growth, real-life design briefs for practical engagement, and the chance to earn industry-leading certifications that enhance employability.

Uxcel for Universities isn't just a tool; it's a transformational journey that prepares students for their future roles, ensuring they step into the professional world with confidence, skill, and a portfolio to impress.

Get your institution ahead of the curve. Apply to get Uxcel for your university today and empower the next generation of designers! 🚀