We’re super pumped to release a redefined version of Uxcel for Teams, with a major focus on giving you more power and visibility over your team! Here’s what we shipped:

Build a skill graph in less than 20 minutes

We have adjusted our Verified Designer Assessment. Once you complete the Verified Designer Assessment, your skill graph will be mapped out automagically.

In order to make your experience as a design leader better, we are automatically assigning Verified Designer Assessment to every team member that joins your team.

Redefined dashboard

With the new dashboard, we have launched a new set of metrics, new benchmarking system, and a much cleaner view of your skill graph.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Adoption: understand whether your team is engaging with Uxcel.
  • Benchmarking: we have implemented benchmarking by Years of Experience.
  • Unit Completions: understand how your team is engaging with learning materials.
  • Assignments Breakdown: understand whether the due dates you've set for assignments are reachable.
  • Weekly Top Learners: immediately find out who are the top 3 learners within your team
  • Updated activity feed: filter activity based on courses, assessments, and challenges.

Redefined Reporting

Our reporting got a fresh new look, packed with multiple new features! Here's what we ramped up:

  • Assignments: You can directly assign learning content right from the reporting page and set due dates.
  • Content Completion Summary: You can easily see and keep track of all the courses, challenges, and assessments your individual designers completed.
  • Filtering by Top Skills: You can filter all your team members across their top skills.
  • Filter by Assignment Due Dates: You can filter your designers based on the due dates for Assignments that you have assigned.