We've got some big news at Uxcel today! You can now practice your learning with real-world design exercises. Called UX Challenges, you can choose from dozens of exercises you'll encounter in the professional world that will help you build your skills and reinforce your Uxcel learnings.

How UX Challenges Work

Head over to the UX Challenges page in the app, and browse exciting challenges ranging from all the key design categories in Uxcel:

  • Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Core Qualities

Every challenge comes with a design scenario and a design task that will help provide context and requirements for completing it.

Some challenges will require you to design, some will prompt you to write a paper, and others may even ask you to provide a video recording providing design feedback.

Our mission with UX Challenges is to simulate real-world design scenarios and help you build your skills. Every challenge submission comes with completion criteria, so you know what the professional reviewers are looking for, and you'll get a graded report for every challenge you submit.

Why UX Challenges

There's no easy way to prepare yourself for the professional UX design world, and we wanted to help both new and working designers explore real-world scenarios. UX Challenges provide a structured way to engage in situations you'll find in the professional world.

When you complete a challenge, it'll get added to your profile, and you'll slowly start to build a portfolio that you can share with prospective employers and colleagues.

Uxcel challenges are not just fun visual design tasks. These are real-world, simulated tasks you'll encounter in the professional working world.