Choosing a User Experience (UX) career is a lucrative option however, you'll quickly learn that a lot of roles are being posted on UX designer job boards. The skills required for each job role vary considerably. However, earning UX certifications and developing a portfolio can help explore different UX career paths. In this article, we’ll focus on different UX roles and the skills and responsibilities of each. 

“Rule of thumb for UX: More options, more problems.”

Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer

1. UX Researcher

UX researcher's skills

Average US Salary:  $86,000

UX researchers thoroughly study target users to gather and analyze information collected using different research techniques like user interviews and usability testing. This data is then communicated to design teams to create customer-centric solutions. 

Skills and Requirements Needed 

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication

What Tasks and Responsibilities You Can Expect to Have

  • Understanding research needs by working with team members
  • Determine suitable data collection techniques
  • Planning and conducting UX research

Notable Projects and Case Studies

  • Galaxy Z Flips 5G Website by DFY - A group of UX researchers thoroughly redesigned this website, focusing on every detail. The intention was to demonstrate the significant improvements over prior models and to provide clients with a two-way interactive experience. 
  • Jambb Social Platform by Finna Wang - Finna Wang, a successful UX researcher, performed stakeholder interviews to comprehend client requirements. She produced a design that enables a better understanding of the platform and increased user engagement.

Current Job Market for UX Researchers

  • UX jobs appear to be among the most sought-after tech positions. In the United States (US), there are currently over 400 open positions for UX researchers.
  • Emerging trends in UX research include the use of diverse methods like unmoderated usability testing, card sorting, prototype testing, and more. 

How to Get Started as a UX Researcher 

Starting a career as a UX researcher is highly fulfilling If you have a passion for comprehending user behavior. You don’t need to have any specific qualifications to get started in UX. However, a background in statistics, psychology, and other related disciplines may help. 

Sign up today and gain applicable skills that will propel your career as a UX research to unprecedented levels. 

2. UX Writer

UX writer's skills

Average US Salary: $80,647

UX writers use their writing skills to create clear, concise, and engaging content that guides users through interfaces. They attempt to strike a balance between the user's needs and business objectives, leading to an improved overall experience. 

Skills and Requirements Needed

  • Creative writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Content strategy
  • Collaboration

What Tasks and Responsibilities You Can Expect to Have

  • Write informative and user-friendly content
  • Consider user needs while writing in the brand's voice
  • Ensure consistency and clarity in messaging across the user journey

Notable Projects and Case Studies

  • Freshalian Pasta - the case study is about Ahmed Magdi's work with a fresh pasta brand. The brand was facing challenges with presenting instructions on its website. Ahmed identified that brand’s core principles and created a UX copy for multiple scenarios.
  • The Food App - the case study focuses on the efforts of Gayle Tan. She conducted screener surveys and usability tests to determine the ideal user personas. Writing with user personas in mind helped her create content that had an emotional connection with the visitors. 

Current Job Market for UX Writers

  • With an increase in developing customer-centric solutions, UX writing is becoming an essential part of product development. 
  • Given the rise in demand for a user-centered solution, creating localized content is becoming an emerging trend in UX writing. 

How to Get Started as a UX Writer 

Becoming a UX writer can be a challenging pursuit for many. To master the art of UX writing, you need to write content that engages with the audience. In addition, your content should make using the product intuitively simple. 

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3. Product Designer

Product Designer's skills

Average US Salary: $90,000

It’s important to understand that the two roles might sound similar but are drastically different. A product designer is involved throughout the design process, whereas a UX designer is used required to improve the usability and navigation of the product. 

Skills and Requirements Needed  

  • Programming
  • Project management
  • Typography
  • Layout Design

 What Tasks and Responsibilities You Can Expect to Have  

  • Establish product roadmaps
  • Develop wireframes and create product prototypes
  • Ensure timely product development

Notable Projects and Case Studies

  • Synced Account Page of Siftery Track - a B2B platform that helps companies make smarter decisions about their tech stack. The author of the case study used a design thinking-based approach to make the page more interactive.  
  • UX Evaluation of IncQueryLabs - the case study focuses on a UX redesign process. The team identified challenges regarding information consumption in the customer journey and solved them based on usability testing. 

Current Job Market for Product Designers

  • UX careers for qualified product designers, especially in software development and e-commerce, are becoming more popular.
  • New concepts in product design include minimalism, dark mode, and voice user interface (VOI).

How to Get Started as a Product Designer  

Gaining practical experience and laying a solid foundation in designing ideas are crucial first steps on the road to becoming a great product designer. Problem-solving, prototyping, and design thinking are some of the many skills that can help you excel in the field. 

Want to become a successful product designer? Learn unique design skills to launch your career.

4. UI Designer

UI designer's skills

Average US Salary: $85,000

UI designers concentrate on making aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interfaces that enable smooth interactions between users and digital products. UI designers must be able to verify that their designs adhere to brand rules because their primary focus is on a product's visual aspects. 

Skills and Requirements Needed 

  • Graphic design
  • Visual design principles
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping 

What Tasks and Responsibilities You Can Expect to Have

  • Design user-friendly interfaces
  • Create interactive prototypes
  • Collaborate with researchers and developers

Notable Projects and Case Studies

  • HAVEN - The case study examines the approach to design and results of the safety and emergency assistance app HAVEN. It demonstrates how user requirements about design and typography were given priority in developing an app that enriches mental health. 
  • Whiskers - This case study is about a mobile pet care application and focuses on the use of research methods like card sorting and usability testing. Data from these research methods were used to create an app that facilitates quick and easy pet sitter bookings. 

Current Job Market for UI Designers

  • UI designers are becoming an essential part of organizations in different sectors as they help create customer-centric solutions. 
  • Emerging trends in such a UX career include the use of interactive navigation, sophisticated scrolling, and hover effects. 

How to Get Started as a UI Designer

Most people often think that becoming a UI designer is a challenging pursuit. However, learning UX design is quite simple, and taking UX courses and having a portfolio can lead to fascinating career opportunities. 

Learn essential design concepts, understand customer needs, and launch your UI design career today.

5. UX Engineer

UX Engineer's skills

Average US Salary: $90,000

UX engineers, also referred to as UX developers, bridge the gap between design and development. They employ front-end programming languages to develop visual elements for a satisfying user experience. 

 Skills and Requirements Needed

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Problem-solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Collaboration

What Tasks and Responsibilities You Can Expect to Have

  • Ensure practicality and usability of user designs
  • Leverage new developments and technological trends
  • Implement interactive user interface features

Notable Projects and Case Studies

  • Musician's Toolkit - This music education platform had development issues but was able to overcome them with the aid of UX engineers. A complete rebuild of the platform was completed in three months.
  • Drivably - A platform for used car sellers made progress in development after working with UX engineers. They were able to gather user data and create customer-centric solutions. 

Current Job Market for UX Engineers

  • The demand for UX engineers is on the rise as businesses want to develop practical and usable solutions.
  • Emerging trends in the field include data visualization, advanced cursor interactions, and micro-interactions. 

How to Get Started as a UX Engineer

In order to succeed in their jobs, potential UX engineers must have a solid foundation in communication and technical aspects like problem-solving. Taking UX lessons can help you excel in the profession.

6. Information Architect

Information Architect's skills

Average US Salary: $90,000

Information architects, or UX architects, organize and structure the material and information. You'll concentrate on structuring and arranging data so people can easily access and browse material within digital products.

Skills and Requirements Needed

  • Card sorting
  • Product management 
  • Problem solving
  • Data management

What Tasks and Responsibilities You Can Expect to Have

  • Create information taxonomies and hierarchies for applications and websites
  • Conduct user research and content audits
  • Provide technical assistance to design team members

Notable Projects and Case Studies

  • Process of Information Architecture - UX professional Soojin Sielle Kim used different research methods like card sorting and sitemaps to understand and improve the usability of New York City’s Museum of Art & Design NYC. 
  • Information architect of an e-commerce company - UX professional Dana Richards used different methods like card sorting and tree testing to assess the usability and functionality of e-commerce websites.  

Current Job Market for Information Architects

  • Jobs for information architects are increasing as companies want to improve their website’s usability and functionality. 
  • Emerging trends in the field include remote collaboration and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

How to Get Started as an Information Architect

To get started as an information architect, you need to have an understanding of the industry. In addition, you also need to have essential skills like programming, data modeling, and SQL.

7. UX Manager

UX manager's skills

Average US Salary: $110,000

The UX manager oversees the UX team. As a UX manager, You will manage and lead the UX team to ensure the execution of excellent user experiences across various projects and products.

Skills and Requirements Needed

  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Resource planning

What Tasks and Responsibilities You Can Expect to Have

  • Organize and direct UX team members
  • Work with different departments to align UX strategy with objectives
  • Manage projects and ensure timely completion

Notable Projects and Case Studies

  • Aryel Cianflone - She is a UX Manager at LinkedIn and the Mixed Methods podcast host. She created this podcast to expand on her knowledge regarding UX knowledge. She also has extensive expertise as a product strategist. 
  • Pulkit Agrawal- He is the CEO and manager of Chameleon. This platform allows companies to create better user onboarding. As a successful UX manager, he emphasizes the importance of user onboarding and product success.

Current Job Market for UX Managers

  • UX manager has become an in-demand profession given the rise in demand for different UX professionals. 
  • Emerging trends in the field include process automation, data-driven decision-making, and integration of feedback loops.

How to Get Started as a UX Manager

Understanding the role of a UX manager is crucial before developing a successful UX manager portfolio. To become a UX manager, you need to understand all aspects of UX/UI design. 

Sign up today, develop a comprehensive understanding of UX design tasks, and secure your path to becoming a UX designer.

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