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Intelligently upskill your design team

Get the insights needed to upskill your design team at scale with a powerful suit of tools to test and train your design team.

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A lack of internal training creates serious skill gaps amongst designers

Nearly 50% of designers say a lack of training is causing skill gaps within their team. Uxcel provides the tools to ensure consistent and effective professional design training.


Onboard designers faster

Get your new design hires up to speed on common design terminology and best practices.

Retain employees for longer

Improve team member retention by investing in professional development and watch your team grow.

Key team insights

Visualize your team’s overall skill set, areas for improvement, and learning development.
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Make better design decisions faster

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    Understand your team like never before

    Get key insights into your design team and every member based on real-world design skills.
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    Address areas of improvement

    Know exactly what skills to improve with your team, and provide the right guidance based on facts, not feeling.
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    Get individual learning recommendations

    Give your design team a personalized learning plan that they can use to improve their skills, at their own pace.
Make better design decisions faster
Prove your team is actually learning effectively

Prove your team is actually learning effectively

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    See who’s actively completing courses

    See who on your team is actively pursuing to improve their skills and partake in ongoing design education.
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    Powerful testing analytics and feedback

    We provide plenty of testing tools to analyze how your team is improving over time.
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    Guarenteed results in just 5 minutes per day

    Interactive and gamified learning is proven to help users learn faster and retain information for longer.

Onboard, engage, and retain team members

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    Support your design team from the get-go

    Investing in your team’s education helps new team members onboard faster and with fewer mistakes.
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    Invest in your team members’ growth and development

    Providing a positive learning environment ensures that your team members are actively working to improve their skills.
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    Provide meaning feedback based on validated testing and endorsements

    We take the guesswork out of providing personal development by using data to inform your decision-making process.
Onboard, engage, and retain team members
“I love what Uxcel has done with its content! Very thoughtfully curated. I got my team Uxcel licenses, and they absolutely love it. In just a few minutes per day, and the results have been impressive.”
Baisampayan Saha
Senior Design Manager at Microsoft

Get your team learning in just 5 minutes

Uxcel gives you all the tools, in one place, to start hiring designers completely for free.


Create a free team account

All it takes is 2 minutes to create a free team account on Uxcel and access tools to test and improve your team’s design skills.

Invite your team members

Give your team members access to our learning material by providing the LEARN permissions, and unlock complete access to the entire learning library.

Watch their skills grow

Visualize in real-time as your team’s skills improve. It’s never been easier to upskill your design team at scale.

Join 100+ start-ups and Fortune 500 companies that are upskilling their design teams with Uxcel



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