We’ve recently made some significant enhancements to our hiring features to assign teams in their quest to hire UX design professionals. Here’s what we introduced this week for Uxcel Teams:

Designer search

You can now search directly for UX design candidates using powerful filters. Discover your next design hire with pinpoint accuracy and send them a direct message to start the hiring process.

Screening invite links

Designer screening assessments now come with handy invite links. Simply add your link to your existing ATS workflow, drop it in a job posting announcement on social media, or share it with your potential design candidates with one-click.

Save designer talent

Save and bookmark all your favorite designers. Whether you come across a designer from a job posting, search, or screening, they will all end up in your favorites list for future reference.

Our goal is to streamline the UX hiring process and make it easier for teams to find the right candidate for your organization.